Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distribution organizations are facing an extreme challenge on a daily basis, with a need to expand the scope of services they provide, adapt their business model, and this has a direct implication on their IT and their IT infrastructure. Coupled with globalization reflecting their customer base, there is an inept need for these organizations to be able to help their customers to be able to ship to their global locations efficiently, cost effectively, and also help the customers understand the local landscape a little better. Because of a lot of mergers and acquisitions, these organizations have a lot of TMS or WMS systems in-house at the moment and are not connected to each other which makes is nearly impossible for them to provide an end to end feasibility.

Key Challenges:

  • Growing costs to maintain connectivity between different TMS and WMS systems
  • Growing demands on business value delivery from IT
  • Globalized and highly complex supply chains
  • Enhancing the effectiveness and optimization of Customer Relationship Management within the supply chain management
  • Gaining a clear view of the organization despite global complexity

ZIETA brings along a wealth of global technology skills, a capacity to deliver the results quickly, collaborative approach, and a proven ability to design business strategies, from concept development and implementation, to an on-going support.

ZIETA will help you identify and realize your goals through:

  • Helping you choose the right TMS or WMS systems
  • Providing advanced planning and scheduling solutions
  • Improving IT infrastructure to be more flexible, to be able to react on the fly to customer requirements
  • Obtaining cost leadership
  • Becoming agile to react to customer needs
  • End to end implementation

ZIETA helps you:

  • Lower TCO of your IT infrastructure, product development and operations
  • Integrate and optimize your supply chain to augment responsiveness to market demand
  • Achieve greater accuracy in demand and increase in inventory turns
  • Improve your pricing mechanisms
  • Make informed decisions
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