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You can help ZIETA TECHNOLOGIES, a friend, and yourself by participating in our existing Employee Referral Program. If you are an eligible employee , you can earn a cash bonus of $500 - $750 if you refer an external applicant who is hired to a designated, open position in the firm.

Who is Eligible Employee? 

As mentioned at the time of your hiring, the employee referral program is open to all regular employed faculty or staff.

How do I Refer an External Applicant? 

If you are ZIETA's employee and know someone who is interested in the Open position, you should contact our HR Manager either via e-mail or via person with the name and resume of the prospective candidate. Kindly include the Job ID with the correspondence

When do I receive the bonus? 

You will receive your bonus after the new staff member has worked 90 consecutive days. The new employee must be employed at our organization at the time of the bonus payment.

Any fine prints? 

Only candidates referred from external sources qualify for the bonus.

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