REACH 2013 - Technical aspects - Conference

After the 2010 REACH registration deadline, other technical challenges are expected for business and companies: the Evaluation phase, the Authorisation phase, the preparation for the 2013 REACH registration and the supply chain communication.

ReachCentrum and Zieta are organising a conference on technical aspects of REACH to provide you with the essentials to get in touch with this core issue.

with ReachCentrum and Zieta

Technical Conference
Venue Detail-Coming Soon!

The registration deadline of 2010 has successfully passed, but what will be the next step? Why do you need to act now for 2013?

ReachCentrum and Zieta are organising a new conference to provide you with the essentials to tackle the technical aspects that will arise over the next 2 years:

  • Follow up of 2010 registration
  • Supply Chain communication
  • Evaluation phase
  • Authorisation phase
  • 2013 REACH registration
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