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REACH 2013 - Technical aspects - Conference Top

ZIETA in partnership with ReachCentrum is organizing a conference to provide you with the essentials to tackle the technical aspects that will arise over the next 2 years:

  • Follow up of 2010 registration
  • Supply Chain communication
  • Evaluation phase
  • Authorisation phase
  • 2013 REACH registration

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REACH for Business Managers - Conference Top

Will 2013 be the first time your company registers for REACH? Will you become the lead registrant for the 2013 registration? Do you have newcomers who need to be aware of REACH and have you considered the resources required to prepare for this deadline? Now is the time to anticipate the 2013 registration deadline to take steps to be ready on time and within budget to avoid last minute surprises.

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CSR in practice - Conference Top

Come along to this one-day event to learn more about how to prepare for and produce the risk assessment under REACH to carry out the chemical safety assessment and duly compile the Chemical Safety Report. During the session the presenters will take you the preparation required to prepare for these tasks as well as share their experience and knowledge gained from the 2010 registrations with the number of CSRs that were generated for registration.

Venue Details Coming Soon - REGISTER NOW! More Info

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