A management tool for REACh SIEF, with built-in collaboration and industry defined templates. A solution that lets you CREATE, MANAGE and TRACK your SIEF

  • Import ECHA xml file to seamlessly create SIEF
  • Manage and facilitate your SIEF, simplify the daily SIEF activities of your REACh team to lessen your REACh managers daily workload, Provide management dashboard to track progress and activities
  • Guide you with industry standards and templates
  • Industry developed SIEF projects with common tasks and goals.
  • Communication templates with texts for
    • determination of SIEF role
    • Data availability
  • Track progress with built in dashboard
Key Components of ezSIEF :
  • A complete Web based Tool
  • Access to the tool through any browser, compatible with most widely used browsers
  • Functional registration of the users and possibility of account settings configuration by the user
  •  User and LE - Legal Entity (company, institution etc.) management, including registration, loading and browsing of the users and legal entities
  • Ability to bulk Import preSIEF data form ECHA system to ezSIEF system by the user together with its system control and validation
  • Stores information in a data base in ezSIEF which is secure with built in control feature.
  • Ability to export the information of a preSIEF to form a SIEFs (Substance Information Exchange Forums)  or create a new SIEFs for a unregistered substance
  • Ability to dividing and combine of any existing Substance Information Exchange Forums (SIEFs)
  • Track total project cost, at a project task level
  • Built in E-mail engine that generates and automatically sends e-mails - invitations to users’ proper e-mail addresses from preSIEF data for every SIEF member.
  • Email templates to cover common SIEF communication
  • Ensuring secure handling of SIEF data inside SIEFs.
  • Ability to generate customized Survey
  • Data gap and data cost management
  • Management dashboard to give executives a overview of the REACh progress in the organization
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