ezSIEF – a ZIETA REACh SIEF Solution

SIEF, Substance Information Exchange Forum, is an integral part of REACh registration process. The purpose of SIEF is to help registrants of the same substance to share information about the substance and to avoid duplication of testing, new studies, and agree on classification and labeling if necessary.

Joining a Substance Information Exchange Forum is a legal obligation of all registrants. SIEFs are formed by companies that intend to register the same substance.

ezSIEF is a management tool for REACh SIEF, with built-in collaboration and industry defined templates. The solution lets you CREATE, MANAGE and TRACK your SIEF.

  • Import ECHA xml file to seamlessly Create SIEF
  • Manage and facilitate your SIEF, simplify the daily SIEF activities of your REACh team to lessen your REACh managers daily workload, Provide management dashboard to track progress and activities
  • Guide you with industry standards and templates
  • Industry developed SIEF projects with common tasks and goals
  • Communication templates with texts for
    • Determination of SIEF role
    • Data availability
  • Track progress with built in dashboard
  • 100% auditable documentation
ezSIEF provides you with the following advantages:
  • Simplicity
    • Easy to use interface
    • Web Access for multiple users 
    • Bulk process of ECHA files
    • Survey tool that not only posts but also tally result
    • Custom survey functionality
    • Industry developed project with tasks to start with
  • Comprehensive solution to SIEF challenges
    • Covers all aspects for SIEF management
    • Creating and allocation SIEF manager to manage and track all tasks till completion
  • Cost effective
    • SIEF facilitators pays a small fee and members use it
    • Ensure better reception amongst SIEF participants because participation does not come at a fee, so you end up with a higher % of active SIEF participants making a process successful.
Read more by visiting us at www.ezsief.com
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