ERP Implementation

ZIETA provides ERP implementation for EH&S and REACh, in compliance with the EU REACh Regulation.

Substance Volume Information Tracking

Substance Volume Tracking (SVT) helps companies determine the volumes of substances existing in their products in warehouses, production and sales done or in pipeline. This functionality helps in monitoring your substances for REACh compliance.

Substance Volume Tracking helps companies comply with the relevant regulations by recording the quantities of substances needing to be tracked that they purchase, import, produce, sell or export. By comparing the recorded quantities with the limit values, the system can warn you in good time before a limit value is exceeded; if a limit value is exceeded, the system can also block the respective business process.
  • Compliance with Legal regulation
    • Evaluation of tracked quantities with traffic light status
    • Support of quantity-dependent regulation
    • Support of quantity-independent regulation
    • Support of customer-defined checks
  • Measurement of Substance streams
    • Variable setting for which data is to be measured
  • Online Checks in the Logistics processes: Purchasing, Production, Sales and Shipping
    • Message output
    • Sending messages
    • Blocking Orders

SVT is part of SAP EH&S module, ZIETA can assist you in effectively utilizing the SVT tool to track the total volume of a substance in your supply chain.

SAP REACh Compliance Suite Implementation

SAP REACh Compliance (SRC) solution is developed on the SAP Environment, Health and Safety (SAP EH&S) application.

REACh compliance functionality of the SAP EHS Management Application helps companies meet product and material compliance regulations for all industries – and secure your right to market your products. It allows companies to:

  • Address critical business requirements for product and material compliance regulations such as the registration, evaluation, and authorization of chemicals (REACh) legislation; the international material data system (IMDS); the directive on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS); and the directive on waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
  • Collect and process product and material compliance data automatically.
  • Carry out simple, transparent, and secure product and material registration at minimized costs.
  • Manage critical timelines.
  • Coordinate internal and external stakeholders and automate communication with customers and suppliers and improve internal communications.
  • Ensure visibility and transparency on the compliance status of materials, parts and products internal and to external partners.
  • Streamline product and material compliance by integration of business processes and alignment of business objectives.
  • Document product content and regulatory or sector-specific substance lists, integrate compliance checks and analyses into central business processes.
ZIETA can assist in implementing this suite which will help track the substances and its volumes, collaborative work with your Customers, Suppliers, SIEF members and ECHA. It is integrated with your SAP Logistics, IUCLID and other third party tools like ezSIEF, and helps in complete registration process leading to overall compliance of REACh.
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