Database Management services and Development

The core of any Spatial Technology solutions is the spatial database. Generating databases forms the important element of spatial technology services. Whatever the need of projects - scanning paper drawings, maps, aerial photos or satellite images and creation of document archives; vectorising solutions on the scanned products to organize GIS databases; tabular database creation from text/tables on various database engines; documentation solutions - ZIETA offers quality and assured services that can match any project requirement. ZIETA can even work with users to ingest these database services into “seamless” GIS databases that can form the back-bone of GIS solutions of any organization. In all these activities, ZIETA adopts stringent quality checks and standards.

Our senior database programmers have proven expertise and experience designing and developing the full range of relational databases varying in size, complexity, and deployment environments. These include systems built around, SQL Server and Oracle and deployed in desktop, networked, and web environments. In addition to designing and developing database applications, we also use our database capabilities to develop GIS and web solutions implementing ArcSDE.

ZIETA is a leader in geospatial data management. Through conversion, migration, maintenance and mapping services, we provide industry and government with accurate, high-quality geospatial data to improve the way they do business.

ZIETA has the expertise to manage large, complex data management projects for telecom, utility and transportation industry leaders and government agencies worldwide.

Our resource base, technical expertise, processes, tools, and flexible delivery models combine enables ZIETA to offer a comprehensive solutions

  • Data Conversion
    • Land base Conversion
    • Telecom Records Conversion
    • Electric, Gas & Water Records Conversion
  • Data Migration
    • Landbase Migration
    • Telecom Network Migration
    • Electric, Gas & Water network migration
  • Data Maintenance
    • Data Cleansing
    • Data Preparation
    • Data Conflation
  • Data Model Development
  • Electronic Navigational Chart Production
  • Historic Landuse Mapping
  • Parcel Mapping
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