CSR in practice - conference

"Start to produce the CSR earlier" is one of the lessons learned in the 2010 registrations. What is required for the registrant to prepare the CSR? Will it be prepared by the Lead Registrant on behalf of your SIEF? Are you aware of generic exposure scenarios that may exist for your substance? Do you want to learn more about the tasks required to ensure a valuable CSR on time?

Get the answers to these questions

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CSR in practice Conference
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During this one day we will provide you with an effective way to prepare for and produce the risk assessment under REACH to carry out the chemical safety assessment and duly compile the Chemical Safety Report. The day will commence with the breakdown of the tasks outlined in the technical guidance documents, and explain the conceptual elements and preparation work that each company should undertake. Combined with this will be practical experiences and case studies that demonstrate how we have been able to translate the expectation into reality.

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