ZIETA helps chemical companies achieve high performance in today's changing world. We collaborate with leading chemical companies and suppliers to develop and execute global strategies, manage complexity and risk and drive innovation. We take an integrated approach that can deliver consistent, sustained business results—both today and tomorrow.

Key Challenges

  • Increasing and constantly changing regulatory complexity
  • Controlling the high working capital and improving efficiency in operations
  • Simplifying/eliminating supply chain and logistics bottle necks
  • Improving the customer relationship management experience and getting closer to the customers for improved insights
  • Gaining a clear view of the organization despite global complexity

ZIETA will help you identify and realize your goals through:

  • Enhanced service effectiveness. ZIETA also has developed a solution ezSIEF in combination with REACh implementation for effectively tackling the new EU regulation.
  • Improved efficiency in operations
  • Prepare for the future with supply chain and logistics excellence
  • Enhanced customer relationship management experience, and supplier relationship management for improved communication with both upstream and downstream users
  • ERP implementation for a clear view of the organization, coupled with an insight into the complex industry, in conjunction with the industry best practices.
  • Self-Sustaining Business models

ZIETA helps you:

  • Lower TCO of your IT infrastructure, product development and operations
  • Integrate and optimize your supply chain to augment responsiveness to market demand
  • Achieve greater accuracy in demand and increase in inventory turns
  • Reduce procurement lead times and increase work order on-time delivery
  • Improve your pricing mechanisms
  • Optimize your warranty costs
  • Improve R&D effectiveness and reduce time-to-market for products
  • Make informed decisions
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